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Precise measurements matter

Though not thought about often, correctly measuring the exact weight of objects is extremely important in almost every phase of day-to-day life. The ability to successfully ship products and materials across territories, countries and continents depends on correctly measuring the weight of what is being shipped, then assuring which method of transportation can handle the amount of goods. 

Without precise weight measurements, shipments and travel would be extremely inefficient and, at times, dangerous. 

We sell a variety of scales

We take pride in being able to provide the exact type of scale that you require in your respective industry. Knowledgeable in the regulations and standards of various industries, we’re positive that we can offer scales that will meet your expectations. Whether you’re in the retail sector and need to measure produce, the industrial sector and are measuring shipments weighing many tonnes, or the medical/scientific sector weighing infinitesimal amounts of powder or liquids, we can help, and all at an affordable price. We also offer software programmes for weighbridges.

Service, repair and certification

Scales, like any other piece of equipment, are suspect to wear and ageing. At Advanced Weighing Technology NT Pty Ltd, we’re able to service and repair faulty scales and weighing technology. If we sell it, we can service it, along with many other types and makes. On top of repairs, we can certify scales with calibration reports, SOLAS reports and certificates of accuracy. 

Proud residents of Darwin and the Northern Territory, we provide quality weighing equipment for all sizes and scales.

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